Nikki Evans Racing Club

As a member you will get the opportunity to see your horse run and apply for badges, attend regular yard visits, throughout the year with free refreshments, a share of any prize money won and get regular e-mail updates plus the services of a Club manager who will answer any questions you may have and look after you on racedays to ensure you get the most of the day.


When sending payment, please send your name, address and mobile number for the text updates.


Shares are available from 1% and up to 10% so you can find something to suit you,


A 1% share costs £289 which you can pay in one payment or if you wish in 3 instalments, £100 when joining, £100 the following month and the final payment of £89 the following month.


The new share period officially starts on 1 February 2019 but you can join at any time.


If interested in a different %, please contact me for a quote at


Please send payment direct to me at Penbiddle Farm, Penbiddle, Pandy, Abergavenny

NP7 8EA and make any cheques payable to N.Evans.  


Ring me on 07977 753437 for my bank details if you want to do a bank transfer.  


You can send post dated cheques if you wish if paying in instalments.


The largest the share you have, the more priority you have on the allocation on badges but there are additional badges available for Racing Clubs so members should always get a badge of some kind and the free badges will be allocated on a rota system so that everyone will get a free badge at least once each share period and probably more.


Club members can also have free membership to the Wales Racing Club if they wish

Membership details